University of Guyana Students a Microcosm of Guyanese People

Have you ever noticed that in our everyday conversations with friends the frequency with which we often contrast ourselves to other Caribbean nations as soon as a topic emerges on national issues?

At some point in our lives we have all heard or even made the statement Guyanese people are too passive!” and sometimes this statement slithers off our tongues which such ease that we forget how poisonous it actually is to the future of our nation. In addition, it is sad how we always say it when we are about to make an excuse to appease our own guilt as to why we are not as active in the fight against injustice in our country. Consequently, for a while now my thoughts have been plagued with the following question: How can I explain the stance taken by most University of Guyana (UG) students on issues affecting us at UG and the country at large, without coming across as confirming to said statement or making another type of excuse?

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